Humboldt Storage and Moving has an educational program called Discover America. This program aims to bring geography and history to life in an exciting and interactive way. Geared toward fourth and fifth graders, “Driver Dave” will show up in his tractor trailer at the school, give students a tour of his truck and then visit the classroom to explain his upcoming journey across the United States all in an effort to educate students. After “Driver Dave” visits he then embarks on his journey across the United States. Once a month Dave will send letters, historical facts and souvenirs from a different part of the country to the students and teachers at the schools he has visited. Discover America helps teach students about Geography, History, Math Skills, Safety Awareness, and how to ease the stress of a potential move in their life. View a video of Driver Dave’s presentation at To find out more on how this program works log on to Driver Dave’s website at

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