animation of paying for a move

There are several different options for a domestic move, and even different options for a local move versus an interstate move. To help to provide you with the most accurate information, we have broken these down by move type.

Interstate Moves
On an interstate move, there are three different, acceptable forms of payment:

  1. The first option is payment using a credit card. At United Van Lines, we offer a web-based e-Acceptance option for signing the initial paperwork for your move. If you plan to pay for your move via a credit card, you can submit your payment information via your own, personalized e-Acceptance web page that will be provided to you by your move coordinator. Most customers find this to be the easiest payment option because once you submit the payment details, your credit card is automatically charged for the estimated amount once the truck has been loaded.
  2. The second option is payment via a certified bank check or money order. Unfortunately, personal checks are not accepted on an interstate move, but a certified bank check is an acceptable form of payment. If you wish to utilize this payment method, simply obtain a certified bank check made out to United Van Lines for the estimated cost of your move. This check can then be provided to your driver when he arrives to your home on the day of your delivery.
  3. The third option is payment in cash. This option is typically the least preferred option, but we can accommodate those clients that would prefer to pay in cash. Similar to certified checks or money orders, the cash should be provided to your driver when he arrives to your home on the day of your delivery.

Local Moves
Similar to interstate moves, there are three main payment methods for a local move:

  1. Payment via a credit card is also an option on your local move. In the case of a local move, your move coordinator will send you a personalized link to Humboldt Storage & Moving’s Payment Portal. This link will be personalized to your move and will allow you to enter your payment information and to charge your credit card for the estimated cost of your move.
  2. The second payment option for a local move is a check payment. Unlike interstate moves, personal checks are an acceptable form of payment for your local move. If you wish to pay for your move with a personal check, let your move coordinator know and they will alert the team that will be assisting you on move day. At the conclusion of your move, our move team will call into our office and provide you with the estimated cost for the move. Simply make out a check to Humboldt Storage and Moving for this amount. You will be provided with a final invoice in the following weeks once your move accounting has been completed.
  3. The third option to pay for your local move is cash. Again, this is the least preferred method, but we can accommodate those clients who would prefer cash transactions. Like checks, at the conclusion of your move, our move team will call into our office and provide you with the final total cost for the move.

No reputable mover should ask for a cash deposit before they load the truck. If you are presented with such a demand, you may be dealing with a scam or rogue mover. Be sure to clarify payment terms before you sign a contract.

If you have questions on whether a particular payment method will work for your move, contact your Humboldt move coordinator and they will be happy to provide you with all the details!

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