Yes; you can certainly vote after a recent move, but you may need to update your voter registration with your local election office. 
Does my voter registration move with me?

No. If you move within your existing county, you must complete a new voter registration form to update your new address. If you move to a different county or state, you must re-register with your new county and/or state. To find this information, visit your state election office’s Web site.

Do I also have to notify my former election office that I have moved?

Requirements vary by state, but it is generally a good idea to contact both your former and your new election offices regarding your registration status. The voter registration application asks that you provide information about your previous name, address, county and state. Your new election office uses this information to notify your former election office that you no longer reside in that jurisdiction.

How can I update my voter registration information?

EAC’s National Mail Voter Registration Form may be used to register to vote, register with a political party, or update registration information with updated name or address information. Alternatively, you may obtain a voter registration form in person from the following public facilities:

  • State or local election offices
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Public assistance agencies
  • State funded programs that serve people with disabilities
  • Any public facility a state has designated as a voter registration agency (such as a public library, public school, and city or county clerk’s office)

Please note that you must also be aware of the registration deadlines for your state. To find this information, visit your state election office’s Web site.

Can EAC update my voter registration?

No. You must fill out the National Mail Voter Registration Form and send it to the appropriate election office. EAC does not maintain a national voter registration list nor can we send information to your state for you.

What if I’ve moved just before the election?

Most states allow a 60-day grace period for you to be able to vote using your old address. To find out if your state allows this, visit your state election office’s Web site. Also, if you are already a registered voter in that state, your state may allow you to update your address and/or your name at the polls on Election Day. Be sure to check with your state or local election office. In some states, you can go to your old polling place and update this information; in other states, you are required to go to your new polling place to update your information and vote your ballot.

What if I’m in foreclosure? Can I still vote?

If you are in the foreclosure process, and still living in your home, you may remain registered to vote using that address.  If you have been forced out of your home and the foreclosure process is completed (including the end of any rights of appeal or redemption), then you should update your voter registration to reflect your new address.  In many states, if you have not yet established a new permanent address, you may be able to remain registered to vote using the address of the foreclosed property, until you establish a new permanent address. Laws on this issue vary by state, so visit your state election office’s Web site for additional information. If you don’t find the information you need, call your local or state election office.

If I am living in another state temporarily, or attending college away from home, do I need to register again at my temporary address?

You should register to vote using the address of your permanent residence. If you receive your mail at a P.O. Box, you can provide that information on the voter registration application, under the category of mailing address.

NOTE: If you are requesting a ballot by mail, you may request that your ballot be mailed to your temporary address, provided you will be at the temporary address on Election Day.

My elderly parent lives in a nursing home, but receives mail at my home address. Which address should be used for voter registration purposes?

The residential address is the address of the nursing home. List your home address as the mailing address.

For more information, please visit : US Election Assistance Commission

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