When it comes to moving, one of the biggest challenges is packing your belongings. It’s a time consuming process, tedious, and difficult, but many people are probably hesitant to pay someone to pack for them. Maybe they wonder if they can trust strangers with their things, or maybe they’re just not sure it’s worth the price. On the other hand, paying the moving company to pack saves a lot of time, and certainly have more experience.


It’s a big decision to make, one that affects many of your valuable or precious personal belongings. If you’re on the fence about paying for packing, we have some points for you to consider.

  • Liability: If you pack your belongings yourself, the boxes will be marked PBO, or “Packed by owner.” Since the moving company can’t verify how good a packing job you did, they aren’t liable to any damage that happens to the items in the box. However, when the moving company packs your belongings, they are held accountable for any damage that may happen during the move.
  • Time: Having the moving company pack will save you a lot of time. They know the fastest, safest, and most efficient methods of packing, can put more manpower on the job, and pack while you handle other important business.
  • Reliability: If you picked a good moving company, you will certainly get what you pay for. They’ll pack it up safely as possible, handle it with care, and will be held liable for damage. Even if you decide to pack the sturdier or more expendable items yourself, save the fragile and delicate belongings for the moving company to pack and handle.

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