If you are moving to Cambridge Massachusetts or are thinking of relocating to Cambridge, you’re in luck. You have chosen a vibrant city full of great things to do, and some rich history. And we are lucky as well, as a moving company serving Cambridge. We get to see all these attractions regularly.

Many families and business professionals who are buying a new home in Cambridge have relied on our team to move them into this exciting city. And because we think there are many smart people that live in Cambridge, that only reflects on the local moving company they chose to get them there.

Many squares full of culture

Cambridge MA is a city full of rich and different cultures and many different types of neighborhoods. Best known for the central hub of Harvard Square, this has and continues to be one of the highlights of the city of Cambridge. With historic shopping, street entertainment, and many different types of food offerings, if you’re moving to Cambridge, you’ll want to spend some time in Harvard Square.

And of course, you don’t want to forget Harvard University!

Head west down Massachusetts Ave and you’ll eventually bump into Porter Square which is very close to the city of Somerville. If you know anything about Somerville, this city has deep cultural roots as well. With many nightclubs and a vibrant music scene as well as food offerings from around the globe, moving to Porter Square offers so many options that you’ll never run out of things to do.

In Cambridge, you also have Central Square and Kendall Square and both of these encompass various cultures as well as experiences. No matter where you move to in Cambridge, you’ll find great shopping and even better food choices for you and your family.

Why need a moving company if you are relocating to Cambridge MA

We get it. Every September there is a flood of college students storming the city of Cambridge in rental trucks. Some of them move without an issue and a few get stuck under some famous bridges. It happens every year. But we don’t want it to happen to you during your move. This past college move-in season saw 34 trucks get “Storrowed…” That’s a reference to that famous Storrow Drive…

Cambridge is a busy city with both narrow and one-way streets as well as winding parkways which may or may not allow trucks to drive on them. There are a whole host of different traffic patterns, and one thing Cambridge is well known for in recent years is incorporating bicycle lanes on major streets.

To complicate your moves more, there is very limited parking in Cambridge, especially in certain neighborhoods. The home you’re moving into may not even have a driveway. That’s why when you move, you will most likely need to contact the city for a parking permit or a temporary moving permit to move in or out of your home. Your mover can assist with obtaining the proper permits.

All these factors are why it makes so much sense to hire a moving company when you’re moving to Cambridge or another city. Your moving company will take care of all the challenges that your move could face that we have listed and any others that come up when moving to a busy city. Your moving company will prepare properly, get the appropriate permits and documentation, and understand the traffic patterns that affect your move.

All this is worth the price of the move because it will lower your stress substantially.

Are you ready to move to the city of Cambridge? The Humboldt team knows this city well and is your best choice for your upcoming move.

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