So we were heading to a wedding reception last saturday night after leaving the church.  We got on a two lane divided highway where the speed limit is 50m.p.h. i believe.  Fo those that know the road Rte 1A in Revere, Mass. was where we were driving.  I was speeding along and we came to a red light.  There were several cars in front of us in this two lane road.  When i looked up i noticed this little dog no more than fifteen pounds walking toward my car.  He was about four cars ahead when he seemed to just stop.  Being so small i am sure the cars right next to him did not even know he was there.  I feared for his life and thought i should help somehow. Having had a dog growing up i know how much they can mean to a family. In my work at a Boston moving company we are often asked to help with transporting the family pets and many times the family is more concerned about the pet than themselves in the relocation process. The light was certainly about to turn any minute.  I jumped out of my car and proceeded cautiosly toward as i did not want to scare him.  I should say scare him more as i could see him shaking.  He did not move and i was able to scoop him up.  He was a very cute guy all white with a small bandana around his neck.  He had no dog tags to help identify his owner.  By the way the light turned green right as my hands were on him and the cars started to move.  I brought him to the side of the road and held him tight.  My wife (Illona) took the car out of park and drove to the parking lot of the Northgate mall where we connected.  Okay so we have this dog and we are on our way to the wedding reception.  What do we do know?  No sign of the dog owners as i stood on the side of the road holding him and hoping someone would come for him. Just then i noticed this car approaching and thought oh good here come the owners. I heard “Jim, is everything okay?”. It was Karen and her husband works at the Boston moving company with me. I guess it was a god question see when do you see a guy in a suit holding a dog on the side of a highway.  Illona called the Revere police and we were told the animal control is only monday to friday due to budget cuts.  Illona stayed on the line with the police and i will say they were trying to help us with suggestions as to what to do with the dog such as animal hospitals.  A few minutes later the police dispatcher said they would have a car come by.  Mark, a Revere police officer, showed up and immediately helped reduce our stress level about what was going to happen to the dog.  He said he would personally take the dog and care for it until the owner hopefully called into the police to report the dog missing.  I gave Mark my name and number and asked him to keep me in the loop.  When i handed him the dog he did not want to leave my arms as i think he finally felt safe.  I watched as my new friend drove away on the officers lap in the police cruiser.  I thought what would we have done without Mark helping us.  We could now head to the wedding reception as we realized he was in good hands.  Later that evening Mark called me to let me know the family did call the police station and were reunited with the dog.  Thanks to Mark for going above and beyond in helping the family get their dog back home safely.