moving family boxes

Do not make these costly mistakes. Your actions may limit or reduce your mover’s normal liability under the following three circumstances.

  • If you include perishables, dangerous, or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover’s knowledge. Here are 10 common non-allowable items that you will need to address prior to your pack and load dates. (10 Non Allowable Items)
  • If you choose the alternative level of liability coverage (60 cents per lb per article) but ship household goods valued at more than 60 cents per lb per article.
  • You fail to notify your mover in writing of articles valued at more than $100 per lb. If you do notify your mover, you will be entitled to full recovery up to the declared value of the articles, not to exceed the declared value of the entire shipment. Many movers will have you fill out a separate “High Value Inventory” form.

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