I recently had the chance to visit the Clarke School East located in Canton less than one mile from our Boston Moving Company. The Clarke School is a special school, one that helps young children adapt to hearing loss and gives them the tools and confidence to enter into public and private schools with their hearing peers.  The reason for the trip was to award Cara Jordan the first Humboldt Citizen Stress Reliever Award and to have a big moving truck for the kids to take a tour.  As I entered the building I remember feeling an unbelievable sense of love and warmth.  Shortly I was able to watch a class in session and I immediately realized my sense was correct. I could see that the name could be changed from Clarke School East to Clarke Family East.  The kids and teachers filed out of the classrooms and went outside to prepare for our adventure.  It was a perfect day to have an awards presentation and take the tour of the Humboldt tractor and trailer with our driver Gabe Petty who joined us.  Cara Jordan was recognized forreducing the stress of students, parents and teachers at the Clarke School.  My guess is that Cara reduces stress wherever she goes.  Many of the votes that came in for Cara stated she took no credit for what she has accomplished.  In the time I spent with Cara I could see that she was focused on everyone but her self.  What a great role model for these students and for the rest of us.  We finished the presentation and now it was on to the tour.  The kids spent about thirty minutes blowing the horn in the tractor and looking amazed at how big theHumboldt trailer was inside.  It was fantastic to be able to bring a bit of excitement and certainly a smile to each of their faces.  I know I can speak for the entire Humboldt Team in saying we are glad we have made some new friends at the Clarke School and look forward to our next visit. Congratulation Cara and the entire Clarke School staff you certainly have created a special place!!

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