So last week we learned that another one of our heroes has succumbed to the pressure of being the best.  It was not enough for him to be a solid baseball player in the big league.  He wanted it all the fame and the money.  In my opinion Alex Rodriquez would have been a very good baseball player without enhancing drugs.  He most likely became a better player due to the drugs he supposedly injected into his body from i believe 2001-2003 (if you believe him).  The numbers tell the story as his average especially in home runs soared to new heights.  In watching his press conference i could not help but wonder how much was true of what he was telling us.  In an initial interview with Peter Gammons, A-Rod commented that he got a headache and he stopped.  I guess his PR people told him that would not fly so he changed his story yesterday.  Additionally, it was a bit much the 37 seconds of staged silence as he tried to cry.  A-Rod take some acting lessons.  Why am i talking about this man?  I was thinking about thestress that has entered into his life and will be with him for a long time to come is my guess.  In my opinion he caused more stress yesterday by including his cousin as the supplier and other comments he made will raise more questions.  The media will have lots of work to do in the weeks to come.  I personally would have like him to tell the complete truth yesterday so we could move on.  In our Boston moving company if we make a mistake we will address it directly in an honest manner.  In short make it right!  A-Rod you had your chance twice so be prepared for your stress level to rise as the information little by little leaks out.  It appears he is heading for many painful years ahead.  My advise to other ballplayers when it is your turn step up and tell it like it is- do not follow Clemens, Bonds and now A-Rod.  America is a very forgiving country!