I think most everyone has had one of those experiences where you have to speak with a customer service representative on the phone and about half way through the conversation you realize that the person you are speaking with is not going to help you. I can’t count how many times I have been on the phone with a Comcast or a Dell and had my stress level go through the roof because of horrible customer service. So when I recently began having problems logging into my online INGDirect saving account, you can imagine that I was prepared for the worst. When I called into the company I was greeted by Jeff. I told Jeff that for some reason (my forgetfulness) the pin number to access my account online was not working. He quickly punched up my info and started asking me some security questions so that I could prove it really was me. With a few quick key strokes, Jeff solved my problem and notified me that a new pin number would be sent in the mail. At this point, my problem was solved with no real hassle and in a few days I would be back in my account, a normal decent customer service transaction. But before he let me go, Jeff inquired why I was going into my account in the first place. I told him I was trying to transfer some money into the account. Jeff reminded me that I would not have my pin for a few days so I would not be able to get in to do the transfer, but that he could do it for me if I let him know which account I wanted the money to come from. I told him the account and within a few minutes Jeff had made the transfer for me. Fixing my problem and processing my transaction is not exactly a touching or moving experience, but it was what I needed at the time. And since I work for a Boston mover that is so conscientious of reducing the stress for customers, I tend to take notice of the little things. There are too many companies out there that just don’t seem to care about customer service as much as they should and I think consumers are sick and tired of it. The truth of the matter is, the swing is happening now. More and more people are refusing to except poor customer service and spending their money with companies that know how to treat a customer. For me, a company that just does the basic little things that make my life easier, just like ING did, will continue to get my business.

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