As I was putting my six year old to bed last night she reminded me that today is the day.  She said to me “daddy tomorrow Obama becomes our 44th President” and right she is.  No matter what your race, religion or beliefs you have, today is very much a historic day.  I can’t imagine the amount of stress Obama, his family and those associated with the campaign have endured to get to this moment.  My guess is as they look at the State of our Country the stress level will rise in the days to come.  In my opinion, we are certain to hear a flowery speech just as those before him have done.  I would assume he will be hard at work early tomorrow getting up to speed and taking a hard look at what needs to be done first.  What a time to get into the White House will all the negatives especially the economy and the military activity?  One might say Obama really has the opportunity to look like a hero if he can solve some of these issues that have been created over the last several years in my opinion.  Obama’s ability to deliver on his words will certainly be tested.  At this point, no matter who you voted for we need to cheer our new President to victory as we are all depending on him and his administration to start to pull us out.  We must realize it will take time.  Things will not be okay tomorrow.  At our Boston Moving Company we realize the hiring freezes of companies and the bad housing market are going to continue and be a part of our recovery.  We are hopeful we will see some improvement by year end but we may not.  In the meantime it is our job to deliver a stress free move to all those who do enlist our services. Hail to the Chief!