We are heading into unchartered territory in launching this blog.  Not long ago, blogging was not even a thought in our communications strategy.  Today we realize this is where the action is if you want to talk to your customers directly and hear back from them. Humboldt was founded in 1905 and began operations as a ice delivery company.  The company quickly transformed itself into assisting families relocating.  Over one hundred years later we decided to rebrand our company.  Not only are we helping families during the relocation process, our commitment is to reduce the stress before, during and after the move. Our future blogs will be focused around stress and moving.  We will share stories of great service by our Associates and the opportunities we have to be a better moving and storage company by learning from our customers.  We look forward to communicating with our customers and the internet gives us this whole new way of doing that on a global scale. So share with us what you think, and together we will keep Humboldt on the move! Relax. And get moving. Jim

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