Peak moving season is coming. Are you ready?

If you are going to be moving to a new home between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you are going to need to take a few steps to ensure you have a stress-free move. Because guess what? Lots of other people move during this time frame so it is in your best interest to be as prepared as possible. Peak moving season revolves around the warmer weather and of course the kids being out of school so it’s a great time for a family to relocate.

But it can get busy in the moving industry, so you need to plan.

Contact your moving company now

We know we might sound like a broken record if you’re keeping up on our blog posts, but it is imperative that you contact your moving company as soon as you have decided to move. That advice holds true for any time of the year but especially between May and September when moving companies are in high demand. Contacting moving professionals early gets you on their schedule, gives you a better chance of getting the date you want, and allows you plenty of time for packing and other tasks.

Stay cool!

You may love hanging out at the beach or in your backyard on a nice warm day but when it comes to moving and packing, that can take a toll on you after a while. If you have a lot of packing to do, which most of us do when we move, keep the air conditioning on or at the very least a fan to cool off the house. Take breaks often and make sure you hydrate with enough water. If you have a lot to pack and little time, consider professional packing services.

Book your move mid-week

If you can do it, book your moving day in the middle of the week. Try to take a few days off from work so you do not have to rush your move. So many of us are busy and we only have time on the weekends but moving during the week has its advantages including more flexible scheduling with your moving company.

Have a yard sale

Sale away: West Virginia's Largest Yard Sale is back Aug. 2-3 -- and this time, signing up is free!Packing and moving items you have no use for is a pain no matter what the season, but it can be a little more grueling during the hot summer months. Do you really want to spend time boxing items up you know you have no use for? We know the answer.

Plus, the more you put on a moving truck, the more your move will cost. So take the time with your family and go through the items you no longer have used for. You can have a yard sale, donate items to charity, start an eBay account and slowly get rid of items or rent a dumpster. When you look back, you will realize it was probably time to get rid of some stuff anyway. And it feels great.

Protect delicate items

Make sure you protect delicate items such as computers, laptops, video game consoles and tablets. You do not want to leave these in your car for an extended period of time. The heat will damage these items. Ask your moving company for advice on how to pack electronics and keep them in a controlled environment.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!