Ask A Humboldt Expert: How Should I Prepare for My Move? Whether you are moving within Boston, around New England, across the good ol’ USA, or even around the world – preparation is the key to success and reducing the stress of your move. Our expects put together this helpful video guide so you can Relax & Get Moving.

In this video we will discuss the following key points to ensure you are ready to go on moving day. Preparation will reduce the chaos of moving day and will help the movers work efficiently throughout the process.

Prior to Moving Day:

  • Review your move with your Humboldt Move Coordinator. Confirm important items including Dates, Packing, Special Handling or Instructions.
  • Designate a “Safe Zone” in your home where you will keep items not included in your move. This may include medications, important paperwork, etc.
  • If you have children or pets – arrange for someone to care for them on moving day.
  • Inspect all doors to the home to make sure they are free of debris & accessible for the moving crew.
  • In the event of snow – all walkways must be cleared & salted before the moving crew’s arrival.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!