When you’re moving to a new home and your family possesses antiques or other expensive items, it’s a very good idea to set all those items aside and develop a quick strategy before placing them on a moving truck. Protecting your antiques during a move and doing it properly will save you enormous amounts of stress.

Antiques come in all shapes and sizes. Those could be small jewelry boxes, antique clocks, vases, artwork, all the way up to antique furniture. Giving those items protection not only saves them from damage but preserves the value of these items.

Here are a number of things our experts ask you to consider when moving antiques.

Set aside all your antiques before packing and moving

The first thing you need to do is go through your entire house and locate all your antiques and other expensive items. While you might have artwork or other antiques in various rooms, it’s a good idea to go through other parts of the home such as attics and crawlspaces. Set up a system and set these items apart from other household items and create an inventory.

Clean off items and take photos

Before moving, it’s a great idea to clean up any antiques, conduct a visual inspection of these items, and document with photos. This will protect everybody involved in the moving process. It will also save you unnecessary stress if you think something was damaged. Take photos from several angles and store those photos safely. Cleaning items also prepares them for proper packing.

Contact your home insurance company

It’s a good idea to contact your insurance agent to let them know you’re moving and that you have antiques in your possession. You need to understand if those antiques are covered under any insurance policy you have. If they are not covered or you have limited coverage, it’s best to ask your insurance professional for advice regarding protecting those items before moving.

Consider an appraisal of your antiques

If you have spoken to your insurance agent, they may advise you to get an appraisal of your valuable items. You cleaned up your items, documented them through photography and this is just one extra step in protecting items of value before a move. You will now have an official record before moving day.

Professional packing services for antiques

One of the best ways to protect your antiques during the move to a new home is to have professionals pack those items. Trained professionals know exactly what to do to protect all types of antiquities and other expensive household goods. Many moving companies also offer specialized crating services which will provide some of the best protection for these types of items. While this will incur a cost, you should not look at it as an expense. It is more of an investment in the value of these goods.

The team here at Humboldt Storage and Moving has helped countless families move valuable items and antiquities. If you’re concerned about an upcoming move, contact our professional consultants today and ask them about how we can protect valuable items during your move.

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