5 Reasons To Move In The Fall

5 Reasons To Move In The Fall

If you know anything about New England, then you know it’s one of the most spectacular places to be in Fall. The colors are breathtaking, and the air is crisp and dry. And if you are moving to a new home in the Fall, we couldn’t think of a better time.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, we have the busiest moving season of the year. And for good reason. The weather is good on most days, the kids are out of school, and moving companies are staffed up ready to take you to your next destination. But Fall is a wonderful time to move to your next home and take that journey.

Our moving experts here at Humboldt have put together a few of our best tips to make your move this Fall relaxing and manageable.


What’s great about moving in the Fall is that you don’t have to pack everything you own with intense heat. For many, packing is the least favorite part of moving but if you have some nice colored leaves around you and some fresh air flowing, it might just make it a better experience. The first rule of packing is : don’t wait! Moving day will creep up on you and before you know it, you’re way behind in packing.

When you get to packing, make sure you label everything you have. One, because you need to know where everything goes and two, your moving company will also know where boxes need to be packed and placed during moving day.

The best moving boxes are those sold by moving companies. Make sure to use the various available sizes such as dish pack, clothing boxes, and book boxes.

Don’t Pack Your Sweater

As we’re sure you know, temperatures during the fall can fluctuate. With that in mind, make sure you not only keep a sweater or light jacket around and accessible, but also, in terms of clothing, make sure you have a variety of clothing that you keep close by. Packing all your clothing on the moving truck may leave you without some article of clothing that you might need given the wide range of temperatures at this time of the year.

The positive? Most likely, you won’t be moving in the heat and humidity.

Less Stressful Moves

As we mentioned, the busy moving season is typically Summer. As that season has passed, it will be much easier for you to book the moving day that you desire. Moving companies can hit their capacity in the Summer months which leaves the last-minute mover has less options for a moving date of their choosing. Because you have more options, you’ll most likely have a less stressful overall moving experience.

Get In Before The Holidays

Do you really want to move to a new home around the holidays? Moving during the holidays can be very stressful. You want to have your home just right and decorated for the holidays and you may be having family over as well. That presents added stress to get everything right and everything you have in the right place. Not too mention your best china for dinner.

Moving in the early Fall can get you where you need to be and leave plenty of time to get your new ready for family and friends.

Oh The Colors!

If you are moving in New England during the Fall, you have one of the best landscapes to follow on your new journey. It’s a great time of the year to take your time moving. Take in all that New England has to offer. Enjoy the colors and the fresh air. Enjoy the cider stand on the side of the road and if you like pumpkin spice anything, this is your season!