How to get the whole family comfortable with your upcoming move

We love moving here and everyone on our team loves moving our clients and getting them to their new destination. Every relocation is different, and we get to meet so many fascinating individuals and families taking a new journey. We get to know these families, hear their stories, meet the kids and even the pets. Our team may be working hard and lifting heavy items, but your families make it enjoyable.

But we must recognize that not everyone loves relocating to a new home. We know it can be stressful for many and there are several unknowns as you go from one home to the next. A move can also place a fair amount of stress on children. You are relocating to a new community, they will be going to a new school, and they may be far away from their friends. Many of these uncertainties do cause children to feel uncomfortable with a new move.

Here are a few things that our experts recommend from our years of relocating families like yours.

Visit your new community

If you can squeeze it into your schedule, it really is a great idea to visit your new community before moving day. Spend a little time getting to know the area. You may want to check out a couple of restaurants, other areas of recreation, shopping, and other stores in the region. Is there a trampoline park or arcade close to your home? Try to find those types of places for your kids.

You will also want to make it a priority if you have children to visit their new schools. This will make the transition that much easier and less stressful for your kids if they can visit the school ahead of time and meet some of their teachers.

Get everyone involved in the move

We get it… you may not be thrilled about the actual process of moving. Packing boxes, late nights getting ready and all the other unknowns involved. But it is important for everybody in the family to share the process of relocating, especially children.

You should do your best to treat your relocation like a journey and hopefully your children will embrace that. Work closely with them to be a part of that journey and they might even enjoy the process. We go to great lengths here to make sure children are welcomed during moving day. We offer children their own moving kit including a box and stickers and even their own T shirt if they want to become an honorary part of the moving crew. Because we never know how children are handling a transition such as this, we all need to work together to make kids happy during the move.

Look ahead to new adventures

Relocating may be tough for many including your children. But if you are the curious and adventurous type, you can look at moving as a new adventure. Many of us love entering an empty home because there were so many possibilities. A new home can be a blank slate and you can make it your own. And we know the kids we move love this as well. Decorating their rooms, choosing paint colors, hanging up posters of their favorite characters and musicians. As we mentioned finding new places to visit such as a new hiking trail or a pond to go swimming.

Rely on your moving company

In any situation, you should rely on and take advantage of the resources that you have. And that goes for your full-service moving company. We move people every day here. Take advantage of the experience, the knowledge, and the comfort that our professional crews can provide you and your entire family. Do not go at it alone.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!