How do I pack plates for moving?

If you are moving, then no doubt you are going to have to pack up your kitchen. One of the most common questions our experts get here at Humboldt is how you should wrap plates for moving to a new home. While many moving companies offer this service, some homeowners and families choose to pack everything by themselves. That is a personal choice but if you are going to pack your kitchen, you’ll want to know exactly how to pack breakable items.

First, make sure you have the proper boxes for packing plates. All full-service moving companies should offer you the appropriate boxes for packing all your items. Ask your moving consultant before getting going on packing. But in short, make sure you have dish pack boxes.

Second, make sure you have all your plates laid out in advance. Many of us have very organized kitchens, but we have seen more than a handful of kitchens with plates, and other dishes and glasses in all corners of the kitchen. Before you start packing organize.

Wrap your plates individually and stack

You will want to secure plain white and un-inked wrapping paper for your plates. We find many use newspapers, but as you might imagine this ink will rub off on your plates during moving. Having dirty plates when you get home will only cause you more stress and a lot more work to unpack your kitchen and get it ready for regular life. Again, ask your moving company to supply you with enough of this plain white paper to wrap all your kitchen items.

Wrap your plates individually and stack those that are wrapped individually on top of each other. This will add a level of protection for each plate as well as allow you to pack your items efficiently in your moving boxes. Keep wrapping and keep adding layers of paper between every plate.

After you have several plates wrapped, add a final layer of wrapping paper for extra protection. Don’t worry about the amount of paper you use. You can always recycle it. Or you can get creative and save it for the kids next creative project.

Move plates into the moving container

When you pack the moving box, add a layer of fluffed up wrapping paper to the bottom. This will provide a cushion and even more protection for your plates. Once you do that, take your plates and place them in the box vertically. This will limit the number of hazards you encounter for breaking plates during the moving process. Once you have placed enough dishes in the moving box, place an added layer a fluffed up wrapping paper in the box, close the box and use heavy duty packing tape to finish off your box.

Do not forget to mark that box with what is in it, your kitchen dishes. Those two words matter because one, the movers will know you have delicate items in that box, and two they will know where to bring that box on moving day at your new home. They will also know that this box could be heavy.

Packing services

If you do not want the hassle of packing your items, or you just do not have the time, consider packing services from your full-service moving company. You will get the expertise that comes with professionals that pack items every day, and you’ll be less stressed out in the long run.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!