Alright, it’s time to move. Maybe you got a new job or a promotion, maybe you’re downsizing or maybe you just decided you’re moving to Florida from Boston. No matter why you’re moving, there’s one thing that absolutely needs to be done and needs to be planned. And that is packing for a move.

But packing up your house doesn’t just happen. We know you’d like that because many people don’t like packing. But it goes without saying, it’s a necessary part of moving. So what’s the best way to get ready for packing up your home?

Here are a few solid tips from our packing professionals here at Humboldt Storage and Moving.

Ask your moving company for the proper packing supplies

Having the proper packing supplies is going to help you be more organized when packing, help reduce the stress of packing, minimize any damage and, it’s going to make things easier for your movers. After your initial moving survey, ask your moving professional for all the packing supplies you’ll need. That includes the proper boxes for dishware, books, clothing, and other items. It includes bubble wrap, foam packing or the proper paper with no ink on it. And don’t forget the heavy-duty packing tape.

Learn how to pack properly

You have the proper packing supplies and now you need to learn how to pack those boxes accordingly. Understand how to pack your dishes, glassware, wine glasses, and anything else that is breakable. You also need to learn how to pack, so boxes are not so heavy that they cannot be moved or cause injury. Ask your moving professionals for some quick advice and even better, check out our YouTube channel where we have numerous tutorial videos on how to pack various items.

Leave plenty of time to pack for your move

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve given this advice but it is one of the most important parts of your move. Never wait until the last minute to start packing. You always have more items in your house than you thought you had and it will take you much more time than you think. Start packing early, packing shifts, and leave yourself time to relax in between. If you procrastinate unpacking, it will be a chain reaction and delay your move. And it will certainly stress you out.

Get help packing if you don’t have the time

Most moving companies offer professional packing and that includes the team here at Humboldt storage and moving. If you just don’t have the time to pack, you’re moving on short notice, or you just dread the process of packing, hiring professional packers can be a game-changer in reducing the stress of your move.

Need help packing and getting ready for your upcoming move? Give our team a call and let us reduce your stress!

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