We have been handling senior moving in Boston and the surrounding area for decades. We have moved countless family members into new homes, condominiums as well as assisted living communities. We understand the delicate nature of special moves such as helping seniors and our experts have come up with a number of important matters to consider before you start the process of moving a loved one who is a senior.

Don’t rush the process of choosing a new home

The process of helping to move a loved one or a parent should be a process well thought out. This is not an overnight decision, and it is one that should be handled with compassion and understanding. Unless health circumstances force a quick move, you and your family should take as much time as needed to decide what type of living arrangements are best for your senior loved one. No one likes the idea of getting old. And the idea of moving out of a home that has been lived in for decades can be stressful, to say the least. Bottom line. Take the time to arrive at a thoughtful decision.

When you do choose a new home, call the moving company

When you do decide where your loved one will move to, it’s important to contact a moving company that understands senior moving. It can be as simple as picking up the phone and asking a professional moving consultant about their experience. Many movers will also have a partnership with senior moving experts that have clear expertise in the delicate nature of moving jobs such as this. They understand the process of decision making, packing lifelong memories, and transitioning to new living arrangements.

When you are moving a loved one that is in their senior years, it is critical you surround yourself with the appropriate professionals.

Be extremely thoughtful about purging items

There are not many moving jobs that we do where we are not recommending downsizing the move in some way. And during a senior move, you’re going to find a lifetime of possessions in all areas of the home. It is important to not take more items than necessary to your loved one’s new home. Purging will be essential, but you need to be as compassionate as possible because emotions can run high when deciding to part with certain items.

Take as much time as the family needs to make decisions on what to do with items that cannot travel to the new home. Do not let your emotions get the best of you, do not get angry and if tensions run high, take a break and revisit later.

Do not shut out seniors in the process

As a family member, you might find it much easier to just take on the entire move without input. But we feel this is a bad idea. You must involve the senior in all decisions. Even if clarity becomes an issue when communicating with your senior loved one, you must make an effort to keep them involved. Having them part of the move allows them to process the relocation and the next step in their life.

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