Congratulations, you have decided to move to another state. Maybe you’ve secured a new job or promotion. Maybe you’re moving from Boston to Florida seeking warmer weather. Or you have just decided to move closer to family. Whatever your reasons are, you want to consider a number of important factors when you are moving out of state.

Find a reputable Interstate moving company

We love our fellow movers in the industry and work with them often. But not all movers operate the same. You need to secure your move with an experienced Interstate moving company. Cross country movers have the experience in moving families from one state to another and have the network that your move is going to require along the route and at destination. When looking for a moving company it’s a great idea to work with the name brand. For example, we are a United Van Lines agent in Boston and have moved families to just about every state in the country. Our network allows us to serve you properly when relocating to a different state.

Lighten the load as much as possible

The last thing you want to do on an Interstate move is fill up the moving van with unnecessary items. Moving from Boston to another state will obviously cost you more than a local move. Filling the moving van with items you do not need is only going to add to your moving expenses. Get rid of what you do not need. Have a yard sale, donate items to local charities, ask relatives if there are items in your home that they would like.

You can also ask your moving company about warehouse storage if there are items that you would prefer to keep.

Keep a close eye on the weather

We would hope that if you are moving to another state that you have already researched what the weather will be like. For example, if you are moving from Massachusetts to Texas, you should have a pretty good idea of the climate you’re moving into. But you should start to keep an eye on the weather 10 days before your move day. Whatever your mode of transportation is such as driving or flying, will be dictated by the weather conditions.

Relax, but plan for minor delays

If you’re moving to the next town or around the corner, moving companies can pretty much nail down the date and time of your moving day. But when you are moving to another state, you should try to be flexible during the moving process. Moving companies such as Humboldt try very hard to meet a client’s demands when it comes to choosing dates. But keep in mind, on an Interstate move, moving companies need to rely on labor and other determining factors at the point of destination. In many cases, your moving company will be right on time. But to lower your stress, you should set realistic expectations for minor delays.

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