It seems over the past several years that we are living in an on-demand culture. It makes sense for many things you purchase, and it has made life much easier for us. There are so many things we can do over the Internet without even standing up, and in the past two years, we can even get our favorite food delivered right to our front door.

On-demand living and ordering all types of products and services even with a phone application, has changed our lives.

But when it comes to moving to a new home, on-demand doesn’t work. If you’re going to have a stress-free move, you’re going to have to take certain steps to get there. Sure, you can book a move on the Internet, but we strongly advise against that.

One of the most critical parts of your move is your moving survey with your moving professional. This is where everybody understands the entirety of the move and it dictates how much labor, the dates you move, and of course how much moving will cost.

Here are a few ways to make sure your moving survey is as effective and accurate as possible.

Show your moving company everything

Nobody likes surprises, especially when you’re moving to a new home. That’s why it is critically important during a moving survey to show your moving professional everything. It’s the only way to get an accurate snapshot of what your move will look like. When we say everything we mean your entire property. Of course, you need to show them your main home and all the rooms. But you need to remember to go through any type of crawlspace or attic as well as places of storage in your basement. If you have a barn or a shed, make sure your moving professional sees that as well during the survey. This also includes items you have in storage that you might want to be moved. If those are going to your new home, make sure the moving company understands this.

Consider a virtual moving survey

We have been offering virtual moving surveys for several years now. It wasn’t just COVID-19 that made these types of surveys possible. We’re proud to say that we were doing it long before the pandemic and it prepared us immensely to help customers just like you survey their entire home. A virtual survey can be just as accurate as an in-home survey. It also allows you tremendous convenience and offers the moving company professional much more flexibility. Scheduling virtually is much easier than an in-home survey. It’s a win-win for everybody. The same rules apply for the virtual survey. Show your moving company everything.

Don’t just provide a written list of items

Some consumers will ask moving companies if they can just provide a list of items in their home. In short, this just doesn’t work and when you get to moving day, you could be stressed out because both you and the moving company are not on the same page as far as the overall moving job.

If you’re ready to move and need to book your survey, contact our team today.

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