If you’re moving to a new home with children, one of your first priorities is ensuring everyone is safe in that new house.

For children, new surroundings can cause uncertainty and a little bit of anxiety.

And while you most likely had safeguards in place in your former home, you need to pay particular attention to safety as you move into your new house.

Here are three important items that should be at the top of your list when moving into a new home with children.

Make sure you inspect all the locks in your new home

Sure you got the keys to your new home from the former owner but are all these locks up to date and safe enough to provide you Peace of Mind with children?

We know moving day is busy so if you did not have the time to inspect the locks before moving day, you should pay close attention to this as you move in. Make sure you are comfortable with the types of locks on every door and if not replace. Consider hiring a locksmith to get the job done quicker.

One solution in the short term is to pick up safety bars at your home improvement store until you can replace locks and deadbolts.

Inspect windows and other openings

Make sure there are no loose windows in your new home and ensure that all can be locked appropriately. Newer style windows in many cases come with child safety protection where windows can only open a certain amount. If there are older windows in the home, consider a plan to start replacing these.

Get everyone acquainted with your escape route

Children may be unfamiliar with the layout of your new home at first. In the event there is a fire or other emergency, everyone should understand the escape route in the new home. Plan this out, and practice with your children as soon as possible.

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