Storing art or antiques is something you should prepare adequately for. That preparation includes doing all your research and choosing the right people to handle your art.

While there may be plenty of internet results when it comes to companies specializing in the moving and storage of art, not all of these companies are created equal. So if you need to move items of high value or place them in storage, there are a few “must haves” for you to consider.

Choosing fine art movers with experience

You should always check into a moving company and their experience before hiring them but it is all more important when retaining a moving company specializing in art. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask the person you are dealing with to provide their experience in the industry. Make sure they have worked art moving jobs for a considerable length of time and make sure they have staff that has been trained in how to handle art.

Choosing the right protection when moving your art

One of the best ways to protect your art or other high-value items is to store these in custom-built crates. Your moving company should be able to build a crate specially designed for your items. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask them what they do to protect your high-value items.

Touring the storage facility is a must

If you’re going to be storing antiques, art, or any other high-value items, it’s important for you to visit the facility before making a decision. You should feel comfortable knowing that the items you place there are safe and secure. You should also take the opportunity to ask questions about what they do to prevent any type of damage to your valued possessions.

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