Over the years our team has seen a number of moves whether office or residential that could have gone a little more smoothly.

And as a moving company specializing in office moves here in Boston, we have seen our share of office relocation mistakes that could have been avoided.

If your business is considering an office relocation in the near future, we have three important items to consider to ensure your organization can have a relaxing office moving experience, and the ability to avoid crucial mistakes.

Not hiring a moving company that specializes in office moves

Your business may be keeping a close eye on your expenses and doing everything possible to keep those costs under control. But we can tell you that hiring a moving company that understands office relocations is money well spent, and even an investment in your future.

Office moving can be complex. From navigating office buildings, furniture, set up, liquidating furniture loading docks and even parking permits. Hiring an experienced moving company in office relocations is a top priority for your organization.

Not having a plan for your IT

If you don’t have a solid plan in place for moving your technology to your new office, you could be making a critical mistake in your office move.

If you have an IT professional on staff, great. That individual should be planning to safely get your technology from origin to your new office without losing any data or causing a decrease in productivity.

If you do not have a professional on staff, it’s a wise investment to contract with an outside firm that can put a plan in place. The moving company should have the resources available to ensure a smooth transition with all your technology.

Not involving your staff in the moving process

While this could very well depend on the size of your organization, in most cases you must involve your employees in your relocation. That doesn’t mean loading the trucks. It means involving them in certain decisions that can make the process smoother.

Those decisions can include office design, paint color, office themes and break rooms. Involve your staff and your office relocation will be a much more manageable experience.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!