General international laws require Humboldt to do the packing, and / or inspect any packed by owner ( PBO ) boxes for security purposes to insure that all items that are being packed and shipped do not include any restricted and / or prohibited items. The term PBO on the standard carrier inventory is prohibited by Customs in any country.

To ensure that your belongings stand up to the rigours of international shipping, Humboldt uses only the highest standard of international packing and wrapping materials available in all of its international moving services. We select the right packing to ensure that your delicate items are ready for international air shipments, standard Lift-van containers, standard air containers such as “D,” “LDN” and “E” containers as well as specially made internal wooden crates where necessary.

Whatever items are not packed into standard boxes, must be professionally wrapped in international wrap materials to protect the integrity of the goods from damage. All unboxed items, such as furniture , and non-packed items will be wrapped 100% in international wrapping materials prior to leaving your home to protect from damage.