Too Many Homeowners Believe Spring Maintenance Is Only About Cleaning

Whether your current home is on the market, or you are just settling into your new home – Spring Maintenance should be far more than just cleaning. Follow our Spring Maintenance Checklist to avoid costly home repairs and disasters. Exterior Inspection Examine your home’s roof. Pay close attention to any damp spots or lost/damaged shingles. […]

Relocating for Work – Ask the Humboldt Experts

Relocating for work can be a complicated and stressful process. We set out every day moving individuals and families locally, long distance, and even internationally. Whether you are moving across town or across the world, check out these 5 tips to reduce the stress of relocating for work. Research Your Potential New Home How long […]

Humboldt Announces “Stress ReMover” Award Winners

Humboldt Storage & Moving is proud to announce the recipients of our February 2017 “Stress ReMover” Awards. Congratulations to Joyce Hoisington & Scott O’Callaghan! As part of our commitment to our brand – “Relax and Get Moving” – Humboldt seeks to honor employees who go above and beyond to reduce the stress of their coworkers and customers. […]

Spring Forward : Change Your Clocks & Change Your Batteries

Get ready to SPRING forward!  Daylight Savings starts Sunday, March 12th.  This weekend is also a good time to take these steps to make sure your household is prepared for emergencies. On average: 7 people die every day from a home fire. 36 people suffer injuries as a result of home fires every day. Over […]

Top 5 Things To Do In Weston, MA

Whether you’ve been a long time resident, or you are planning a move to Weston, Massachusetts – we’ve assembled our list of the “Top 5 Things To Do In Weston”. EAT at Dumpling Daughter on Center St. in Weston. This 32 seat restaurant, located in a small Weston Center shopping area, serves genuine and clean […]

Why Making Major Life Changes Is So Difficult

Change seems like a relatively simple concept, but humans generally try to resist it as much as possible and find plenty of reasons why staying put and playing it safe is the best option. Making a major life change is a very stressful situation, and much of that anxiety is generated by a natural fear […]

How To Choose A Storage Warehouse or Self Storage Facility

Don’t just blindly hand over the care, custody, and control of your beloved belongings to a storage facility or warehouse without doing your research. Our team of Humboldt Experts recommend asking the following questions when selecting your storage solution. Is the space temperature or climate controlled? If your belongings include items that may be sensitive […]

Moving to Australia

G’day! Planning a move to Australia? Personal belongings entering Australia are subject to bio-security control. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may inspect your goods. Relax! Our International Moving Experts at Humboldt will help you through the process. Some items may require treatment or may be destroyed or exported at your expense. There are a […]

Relax! Humboldt Has You Covered With These Additional Services

At Humboldt Storage and Moving, we are passionate about addressing your moving related worries and stresses – we strive for stress-free moving! Our goal is to get you to your new location, help you begin your new adventure, and reduce your stress.  From our CEO on down to the local Boston movers and long-distance drivers who’ll […]